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DEMO REEL (coming soon)

Making films is a collaborative endeavor that involves both technical and artistic choices. What begins as an idea can quickly turn into a jumble of puzzle pieces that very few people can wrap their heads around. Managing this puzzle is what we do best. We have been involved in projects from inception to completion, and we understand how it all fits together to create a coherent and holistic piece. At the core of every project is a vision, that must be respected and carried through to completion. We believe that color, and the palette that is used in any piece, begins at the pre-production phase, and involves the production designer as well as the director and the cinematographer. Color is both art and science, the technical aspects of which are both complicated and simple at the same time.

Digital cinematography has ushered in the age of on-set color grading. What was once only possible in a film lab is now available on set. We use Truelight on set in conjunction with our Baselight to achieve the highest level of color consistency possible. We also use Nuke in conjunction with the Baselight to ‘pull apart’ composites, so that each layer can be graded independently, giving ultimate control of the look of even the most complex CG shot. At the end of the day, we are artistically driven; the technology is simply a tool. In the spirit of Charlie Parker, we are comfortable enough with technology to "forget about all that stuff and just play."

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